Laundry service is not available weekends and holidays.

Florists are not open weekends and holidays, but local food stores offer limited options.

We do make holiday deliveries for orders prepared the day prior.

Unfortunately, due to our remote location, we cannot provide Kosher foods. We are not Halal certified but can obtain Halal beef and chicken components.

Local Restaurant Options

There are no 24-hour restaurants locally
Limited menu options

and more…

Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas the local food stores and restaurants are closed.
The local food stores are open 0800 to 2000L

The safety of our customers is our priority

We meet and exceed all recommended health and safety guidelines.
Staff members are trained to ensure safe delivery to the aircraft.
Face masks and gloves are provided to delivery staff.
Vehicles are cleaned and sanitized regularly.

‚ÄčInternational Garbage Processing
FDA / USDA / DOD Inspected
Delivery direct to aircraft as FBO has limited chilled and frozen storage space
High Loader Fleet

Accepted Payment

American Express